'A powerful blend of rock-infused country blues.'

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The band & the equipment

Paul Gurney
guitar, lead vocals


Gretsch Duo Jet (1957 re-issue), Fender Telecaster, Fender Stratocaster,
Maton EM325C acoustic, Samick Mandolin
Fender Pro185 amp, various Boss effects, Shure Beta 58a mic




Stuart McIntyre
bass, vocals


1974 Fender Precision Bass, '51 re-issue Fender Precision Bass,
'62 re-issue Fender Jazz Bass, 2007 Gretsch Thunderbird 'Billy-Bo' Bass,
Eastwood Classic 4 bass, Martin acoustic bass, Shure Beta 58a mic,
Gallien Krueger RB1001 (series II) amp, GK 410RBH & GK 115RBH cabs,
Gallien Kruger MB212




Michael Burrows


Gretsch & Zildjan




Ron Stevens
keyboards, guitar, vocals


Hammond L 122 organ, Leslie Tone Cabinet 910, Hammond SK1,
Korg M1, Maton acoustic guitar, Shure SM58 mic
Holden amp and JBL speakers


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